About Us

CFA is one of the Top Best Acting Schools in Hyderabad. Filmmaking is one of the best and interesting ways of storytelling and it has been fascinating people since ages. While some achieved their dreams, some have given up as they weren’t sure of the right approach or due to several myths associated.

 Making big into the world of cinema and unsure of pursuing a career in the glamour world? Then, your wait ends at Chaitanya Film Academy(CFA). Founded and run by well-renowned actor and senior co-director co-director Konuri Koteswararao (KKR), Chaitanya Film Academy offers filmmaking courses like Acting, Film Direction, and Film Script Writing and our curriculum benchmarks the most advanced standards.

About KKR

 Konuri Koteswararao is a well-renowned co-director with a vast experience in the Telugu film industry. His recent movie ‘Seetharamula Kalyanam Chootamu Rarandi’ has created records at the box-office in Oriya and is gearing up for release in Telugu soon.

 He was bestowed with several awards for his works as a writer, and actor in the field of cinema and Television. His Telefilm ‘Gowthama’ has been conferred with the State award. His other telefilms ‘Chance’, ‘Medipandu’, ‘Anubandham’, ‘Baboi Dasara’, and several other telefilms have won some prestigious awards.

 The main motive of Chaitanya Film Academy is not just to give formal training to the movie aspirants. We strive hard to give the best actors, directors to the film industry through our institute and our highly experienced faculty would help you not just pursue your dream but pave a new path to your lives. Apart from the formal training, we help creative minds make innovative movies which not only entertain the public but also leave a meaningful social impact on the lives of the people, thereby improving the standards and quality of media and entertainment.

What you’ll learn at Chaitanya Film Academy

At our institute, we teach the basics of film acting, film direction, and the nuances of anchoring.